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Guideline for Purchasing

Guideline for Purchasing
Guideline for Purchasing
Simple steps  for Shopping:  
Step 1: Register as a member for free..
Step 2:
Login as a member
Step 3:
 Select your favor products from our list and add them into your shopping cart,best as favorites, then successively add to cart. while not looking through an add to cart, because the system will log outand you need to sign in again and put everything in cart .
Step 4: When finish your online shopping, please click the  [Checkout]
·         Step 5:Fill in the detailed address for delivery.
Step 6:Choose a Shipping mode and method of payment,Package weight and shipping costs are automatically calculated and shown.
Step 7:SubmitYour Order
Step 8:
Follow the guideline to settle the payment.
Step 9: You can find all your orders in your Member Center
Step 10: The tracking number will be send to your email address
 (As stocks level is changing every hour, there maybe  have potentially 5% of goods not enough stocks. You can make payment after place order, then we'll prepare the goods for you and then send out. All the price and the part of shipping fee will be credited to your account balance for using in next order. Or, you can contact our CS to make sure about the stock status after place order, then you can make replacement)
   As stocks level  will change every hour,  there maybe potentially 5% of goods not enough stocks. 
if there is not available from the order, we will (usually by email) let you know.
if you do not want things so badly, then you can choose other things as replacer
or leave us to sendthe prepareditems directly.
Once we have submitted your information, we will update the order.
If it is unavailable, that is sold out , the Quantity will update to 0 ,you can just look at the order.
We will pay back the remaining money to your account in our website, after we have shipped your package.
You can eventually use to pay back in our website or leave your Paypal account.